Promises To Keep


In this, the thrilling final chapter of his best-selling Disruption Trilogy, R. E. McDermott once again transports us to a frighteningly realistic post-apocalyptic world of chaos and uncommon courage, and of both hope and despair. 

When a massive solar storm takes down the power grid, all order collapses with civilization kept alive only by scattered pockets of survivors. Men and women who find themselves not only short of critical resources, but facing an unexpected enemy — what’s left of their own government. 

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McDermott sees (and writes) human nature with clarity and charity. Promises To Keep is a compelling finish to a smashing trilogy.

William Bentrim – Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer


An outstanding conclusion to an amazing trilogy!

Eric Groody  – Amazon Reviewer

I continue to be impressed with McDermott’s  ability to weave tales both magnificent and frightening. Taking nothing away from earlier work, Promises To Keep is his best effort to date. 

Budd Cardone – Amazon Reviewer


You know it’s a good story when you’re disappointed it’s over.

Steve Sturdivant – Amazon Reviewer


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