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His ship and crew are captured by murderous pirates, and Dugan isn't feeling too diplomatic.

When one of Dugan's ships is hijacked by Somali pirates, he puts the well-being of his crew first, swallows his rage, and negotiates.

That is until a tenuous link between the Somali pirates and terrorism prompts the governments of both the US and UK to order a halt to negotiations and freeze Dugan's assets, leaving him powerless to do anything but stall and bluff.

Dugan plays a desperate cat-and-mouse game with the increasingly enraged pirates, while simultaneously attempting to convince the authorities to allow him to resume legitimate negotiations.

The spectacle of the murder of one of his captive crewmen broadcast live on the internet spurs Dugan to action and he assembles a band of improbable heroes on a rescue mission of his own, only to find there is far, far, more at stake than he ever imagined.

Fans of Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, and Tom Clancy will love this lightning-paced thrill ride, inspired by historical events.

A Few Reviews of DEADLY  COAST

"A finely researched, briskly paced, entirely satisfying thriller. As a former naval officer who served on ships in the region described by McDermott, I can attest to the realism and authenticity of the setting and action. Read this book. You won't be disappointed."

          Steven Konkoly - USA Today best-selling author of The Rescue

"As usual, McDermott has done a super job with his characterizations. The plot could be lifted from the daily news. There is plenty of action and emotions are more realistic and perhaps less noble than the run of the mill stylized protagonist. Another must read from a terrific author."

          William Bentrim, Pick of the Literate blog

Deadly Coast was very clever and absorbing. So much so, I asked my wife to stop talking to me; which is never a good idea.

          Jesse Thorson - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

The author, a veteran mariner, knows his subject and writes with authority. The characters are people I'd want coming after me if I were on a hijacked ship! Go get this one, it was great!

          Nancy, Cheryl's Book Nook blog


Well-written with such fine characterizations that you'll find yourself rooting for the home team to take down those contemptible pirates big time! Includes what seems like a little bit of everything - Treasure, Terrorists, Wit, WW2 secrets THE WORKS! Book is fast-paced and hard-boiled as I like them in the same vein as a Clive Cussler or Tom Clancy offering.

          Don Kidwell - Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer - 5 Stars

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