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A global power outage.
An emerging dictatorship.
A struggle for freedom against overwhelming odds .
When a tyrant uses a global emergency to manipulate his way into the Presidency, he then abandons any pretense of maintaining democracy and uses an army of mercenaries to enforce ‘emergency national security measures’ as a cover to confiscate all resources for the benefit of those loyal to his regime.
But his control is not complete, and he is obsessed with finding the one man who can derail his plans. Congressman Simon Tremble, former Speaker of the House and the legitimate presidential successor is on the run, a hunted fugitive. But Tremble has a few plans of his own.

Across the country, isolated, outnumbered, and outgunned survivors steel themselves for democracy's last stand.
A breath-taking, non-stop thrill ride.


"McDermott writes well-researched books imbued with action and pathos. The characters are real, they bleed and some of them die, just like the real world. But his greatest talent is his ability to make the reader feel for his characters. He sees human nature with clarity and charity, and acknowledges the unsavory elements while hoping that the positive nature of ordinary Americans will rise to the extraordinary when the situation demands it. This is a terrific book and a fitting end for a great trilogy."

          William Bentrim, Pick of the Literate Blog


"I generally don't find myself getting emotionally attached to characters, but I found myself rooting for people to survive their ordeal and even mourning a bit for those who didn't. There are plenty in both camps to keep things interesting."
          Dwight Farrington - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"McDermott's books will keep you up until 1 AM or so - and make you regret having to turn in before you finish the final chapter."
          Bob Renz - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars


"This trilogy is magnificent. It's so good I'll absolutely be reading all three books again. The author has a lovely knack for getting you deep into the characters and his experience shows with the level of detail and thought that goes into the action (and non action) sequences. I love it, and so will you!"

          Adoptive Dad - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"My single complaint is that the book was too engrossing to put down, resulting in some missed sleep."
          Fletchrg - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"I don't normally read apocryphal novels, but something in the review of the first of this series caught my attention and R. E. McDermott soon had me hooked. The story line and characters were almost like an addictive drug. McDermott delivered in spades and I found reasons to set aside chores to listen to heroes and demons work their way to the end. My only regret was that this series ended."
          Bogie - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"These are the sort of books you accidentally discover. I'm more into humor and light science fiction, and read the first book in this series only at the recommendation of someone at Amazon. I liked it and read the entire series. Good, clean writing; characters that feel like people you know; and a plot line that is interesting and makes you want to keep on reading an hour after you should be asleep. I liked this series a lot. I'm pretty sure you will, too."
          Mike B - Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

"I finished this excellent book yesterday and I'm so bummed! I wanted it to go on forever!"
          Frannie J - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

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