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A massive solar flare...
A devastating global blackout ...
An unprecedented societal change. Nothing will ever be the same again.
Stranded far from home with a now priceless cargo people will literally kill for and a near mutinous crew, Captain Jordan Hughes has no option but to defy government orders and commence a desperate voyage for home and family with a ragtag group of survivors under his protection.
Played out across the tapestry of a 'post-electric' America, this is a tale of hardship and heroism, of desperation and impossible courage. There are no mindless zombies, nor are they needed; desperate human beings in full possession of all their faculties are far more terrifying.
Fans of the post apocalyptic genre love this story. But even if you're a skeptic, you'll be both surprised and delighted. 
If you enjoy realistic, non-stop action, you owe it to yourself to try this book.


I'm an avid reader of most genres, but never liked dystopian or post-apocalyptic books. I started this series mainly because I discovered the author's Dugan books and fell in LOVE with his writing style and characters. Fortunately that carries over to this series. Your heart will be pounding as you cheer for Fort Box, visualize the Appalachian Trail, and are amazed at people's ingenuity -- and maybe seriously consider stocking your pantry."

          Cynthia Poudrette - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"As a former scientist/engineer I don't read a lot of post-apocalyptic novels. I'm not into aliens or zombies. But the premise of this book, a complete loss of the electric grid for an extended period, while improbable is clearly possible. What might happen after the loss is a very interesting question which Mr. McDermott addresses in a knowledgeable, believable, and sometimes scary manner. The characters were very believable and the twist and turns kept me turning the pages with eager anticipation. Strongly recommended."

          Thomas - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"I've NEVER been a fan of post-apocalyptic books, especially ones with completely unbelievable plots. However, Mr. McDermott has taken a very possible event that humans can't control, solar storms, and written a riveting tale filled with well fleshed out characters that run the full gamut of humanity. Considering the state of our political system, the book is at times frighteningly realistic! I'm hooked, not just on this book which I've now read twice, but on McDermott's writing, period."

          B.W.R. - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"After reading many, many post-apocalyptic novels to the point that I told myself that I'd never read another, I picked this up, and I'm really glad I did. The action, the plot, and the characters are very realistic, at least to me. The author obviously draws on not only technical experience, but 'people' experience as well. My own background is military (USMC), and I understand the various technical aspects of the story, and certainly the shipboard routine and life. This fellow knows his business. It's a very realistic book in many respects; one of the most realistic I've read so far, and that's a bunch of them, from "best-selling" to hum drum. A fine book and very, very, good reading."

          ' Thankful' (USMC Retired) - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

"Wow, an intense and very enjoyable read, with realistic, likeable, and well-developed characters. Overall, this was an excellent post-apocalyptic book full of great characters, great stories, and an even better use of real-world issues and problems."

          Brian - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars


"What a great readable romp! This new work by McDermott made me pause to think about the book's premise . . . but not before I finished it. Grab a copy and take a read. You're welcome!"

          Tom Davis - Amazon Reviewer- 5 Stars

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