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An epic sage in three volumes, available now at one low price.
A massive solar flare.
A devastating global blackout .
An unprecedented societal change. Nothing will ever be the same again.
Played out across the tapestry of a 'post-electric' America, this trilogy is a tale of hardship and heroism, of desperation and impossible courage. There are no mindless zombies, nor are they needed; desperate human beings in full possession of all their faculties are far more terrifying.
THE COMPLETE DISRUPTION TRILOGY comprises unabridged versions of all three thrillers, novels Amazon reviewers regularly give top marks (a total of over 2,000 reviews to date, averaging 4.7 stars).
Fans of the post apocalyptic genre love this story. But even if you're a skeptic, you'll be both surprised and delighted. 
If you enjoy realistic, non-stop action, don't miss this deal! Get it now!


"One of the best, if not the best, series I have read in years."

          Ken More - Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer - 5 Stars

"This trilogy is one of the best that I have ever read. It grabs you from the beginning and I could not put it down. The characters and the storyline are so believable. Really enjoyed these books."
          Linda Hodges - Amazon Reviews - 5 Stars

"McDermott is, simply put, one of the very best writers of action/thriller fiction you'll have the pleasure to read. I became an avid fan with the Tom Dugan novels but, damn, folks, the Complete Disruption trilogy turned me into an almost manic page-turner ---it is really, really hard to put down once you are hooked. And, it was all too easy to be hooked--McDermott is a masterful storyteller with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of gripping stories to tell."
          Lee A. Flippin - Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

"Excellent post apocalyptic series. I've read a lot of them and this is one of the best. Not too overly weighed down with technical details, yet accurate enough to be a believable possibility. Great story with excellent character development."
          Don Bergland - Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

"I really enjoyed this trilogy. I thought it was refreshing to read an apocalypse series that was believable. No zombies or such. Just real science and human ingenuity and resolve."
          Tishil - Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

"Outstanding. Thoroughly satisfying. I was supposed to be reading something else, but kept sneaking back to The Disruption Trilogy. Just had to know what happened next. That hasn't happened to me in a very long time."
          Dawn L. - Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

"The plot is compelling; the descriptions vivid; the characters are complex and memorable; and the suspense is, at times, unbearable. This is a BIG trilogy, doing justice to an "end of the world by CME (coronal mass ejection) plot line. But while the "method of Earth's destruction" has been treated often, the author breathes new life into the genre. I repeatedly read into the early morning hours. A master story-teller, spinning his tale of mayhem, madness, and heroism, effortlessly moving between scenes, sites, and characters with absolute confidence and total command. This belongs on any short-list of best post-apocalyptic series in the Western world. Bravo, Mr. McDermott, you've hit this one out of the park."
          Amazon Customer - Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars

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THE COMPLETE DISRUPTION TRILOGY is available worldwide on Amazon & Audible

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