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Deadly Crossing is Available

Yes, finally! And only six short months overdue!

Yes, that’s right Dugan fans, the new Dugan thriller DEADLY CROSSING_L_Optimized Epubis now available in ebook format on the various Amazon sites as well as Barnes and Noble. It’s in process on Apple iTunes and Kobo, and should show up there in 48 to 72 hours.

Deadly Crossing on Amazon US
Deadly Crossing on Amazon UK
Deadly Crossing on Amazon Canada
Deadly Crossing on Amazon Australia

Deadly Crossing on Barnes & Noble

If you like it, reviews are always welcome. Readers and word of mouth are pretty much my only advertising, so please don’t be shy.

The paperback will follow on both Amazon and B&N in a few weeks.

How even though I went ‘exclusive’ on Amazon, you can still get my next book on your non-Kindle device

This post is for my readers, and specifically my non-Kindle readers, to explain why I decided to enroll my books in the Amazon KDP Select program.

For some time, Kindle Digital Publishing, the Amazon ebook publishing platform, has been offering authors the option of enrolling their books in a program called KDP Select. There are numerous benefits offered ‘Select’ authors, principal among them promotional opportunities, increased royalties in certain markets, and additional revenue from participation in the Kindle Owners Lending Library. The one big drawback is exclusivity — if you enroll your ebook titles in Select, you have to withdraw them for sale elsewhere (i.e. Nook, Apple, Kobo, etc.)

For some authors, it was a no brainer, if you had minimal non-Kindle sales anyway, then Select was an opportunity. My situation was a little different, as about 25% of my readership was non-Kindle, primarily Nook. However, even at that, it looked like the smart long term move was to go Select.

But I was conflicted. I really don’t like the concept of ‘exclusivity’ in principle, and my non-Kindle readers were among my most supportive. Even if I could make more money, I didn’t really like the idea of abandoning folks who wanted to read my work, just because they didn’t have the most popular device.

So what changed my mind? Basically the writing on the wall. My non-Kindle sales began to lag, and the recent news out of Barnes and Noble isn’t very encouraging. They haven’t introduced a new Nook device in well over a year, and a recent report highlighted the fact that B&N has lost over one billion dollars (yes, that’s ‘billion’ with a ‘b’) on the Nook since 2010. There have been frequent shifts in management of the Nook unit, and within the last month they’ve laid off all of their hardware engineers. Even if you don’t introduce new products, you need engineers around to support the old ones, so I’m thinking B&N knows something they’re not sharing with the rest of us.

Now I can’t say for sure when the other shoe will drop, and I honestly hope the Nook survives in some form, but I’m not betting the farm on it. In an  increasingly competitive ebook marketplace, an author needs every edge he or she can get, so I’m giving Select a try. I only have to commit 90 days at a time, so if things change I can adapt.

However, I still had one big problem, and that was what to do about the readers that would be locked out of a ‘Kindle only’ distribution. I decided to compromise, for the next book at least. Since I can enroll books in Select individually, I decided not to enroll my latest book Deadly Crossing immediately.  I’m releasing Deadly Crossing on all platforms (i.e. Amazon, Nook, Apple, and Kobo) and will keep it there for a limited period, probably thirty days. After that, I’ll pull it from the non-Kindle sites and enroll it into KDP Select. That’s not perfect, but it’s about the only way I could figure to serve the needs of all my readers.

I don’t know exactly what the future will bring, so I can’t advise you on the best device. However, it seems to be a pretty safe bet that the various Kindle devices and the iPad will still be around. Amazon also offers a pretty healthy suite of free Kindle apps to allow you to shop the Kindle Store and read Kindle content on other devices (iPads, Smartphones, Android tablets, etc.)

Whatever happens a year or ten down the road, I hope I’m still here pumping out stories, and that you’re still here reading them, whatever your ereader.








What time is it?

With apologies to my many Italian friends.

Somali Pirates – Not!

Seems like the media went in search of pirates and ended up in central casting. Thanks to gCaptain for the link:

A Great Interview on The Book Guys

The Book Guys were kind enough to invite me on their popular podcast this week.  Join us as we discuss audiobooks and books in general.

Estrecho Mortal (Deadly Straits)


I’m pleased to announce that my terrifically talented translator, Pilar García Servert, has completed Deadly Straits. The ebook is now available under the title Estrecho Mortal.

If  you’re wondering why I’m announcing this on an English language site, the reasons are three-fold:
1. It occurred to me that some of you may know readers interested in the Spanish version. If so, please pass the word. 
2. This is the only site I’ve got. I hope to add foreign language support in time, but I’ve got a lot of balls in the air at the moment.
3. I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing, so I’m sort of making this up as I go along.  Marketing and promotion by trial and error.  Mostly error.

Any help is appreciated. The book is available from the following sites:

Estrecho Mortal on Amazon US
Estrecho Mortal on Amazon UK
Estrecho Mortal on Amazon Spain
Estrecho Mortal on Barnes & Noble
Estrecho Mortal on Kobo

Coming soon (but I’m not sure just when) to Apple iTunes stores worldwide.

Deadly Coast Giveaway Completed

My Goodreads giveaway of Deadly Coast is over.  A big thank you to all who entered, and especially those members who added Deadly Coast to their ‘To Be Read’ lists.  Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Signed copies of Deadly Coast will go out this week.  Congratulations to:

Lee Scarratt – United Kingdom

Jess Camilleri – Australia

Katelyn Lucio – United States



Deadly Coast Giveaway

Calling all Goodreads members! Enter the giveaway to win a signed copy of Deadly Coast.  Nothing to buy. Giveaway closes February 10th.

If you’re a reader who doesn’t belong to Goodreads, now is a great time to join. It’s completely free and has great benefits. Check out the giveaway and other features of Goodreads by clicking on the link below.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Deadly Coast by R.E. McDermott

Deadly Coast

by R.E. McDermott

Giveaway ends February 10, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.


Enter to win


Deadly Straits – The Audiobook


Well, ‘tis the season,’ and things are starting to look ‘Christmassy’ in the McDermott house. The tree is up and decorations abound, and as usual, I haven’t even begun to do my Christmas shopping. I suppose I’d best tear myself away from working on book three and get to that.

This has been a great year, all tolled, and it closes with a significant event (well, significant to me, anyway).  Two days ago, the audiobook edition of Deadly Straits was released by Audible.com, an Amazon subsidiary.

This audio version was narrated by the super-talented Todd Haberkorn, and I couldn’t be more proud of the finished product. Given the large cast of characters of varied nationalities, genders, and accents, Deadly Straits presented a daunting challenge to any narrator, but Todd nailed it. Whether the character speaking is Dugan, Gillian, or Borgdanov, Todd transports you, and really puts you in the moment. I’m extremely pleased with this audio version of Deadly Straits, and I think the audiophiles among you will enjoy it as well. FYI, after listening to Deadly Straits, I immediately commissioned Todd to do an audio version of Deadly Coast, with a delivery expected early next year.

You can access the audiobook version of Deadly Straits and listen to a sample here –> Deadly Straits on Audible.com

Audible.com is offering this audiobook version Deadly Straits at special introductory pricing of $7.49, a 70% discount from the regular price of $24.95. (And by the way folks, unlike the pricing on my ebooks, I have absolutely no control over audiobook pricing. By contract, Audible.com sets the price.)

And speaking of Audible.com, it’s a great source of audiobooks at tremendous savings. The best part is that it offers a ‘no questions asked’ exchange guarantee. If you download an audiobook and don’t like it for any reason, you can exchange it free of charge. Give it a try if you’re so inclined. You’ve really nothing to lose and a world of great listening awaits.

Pirates and Armed Guards

There’s long been a drumbeat in the popular media asking why someone wasn’t doing something about the problem of piracy.  Now that some people ARE starting to do something, there seems to be the inevitable second guessing. “But what if they’re not pirates, but innocent fishermen?”

Here’s a clue. If they’re speeding toward your ship armed to the teeth, they’re probably pirates. If they’re running away, they’re likely fishermen.

Problem solved.

Here’s an interesting recent video from CBS News Nightline on the subject.

Senior Moments

I’ve been head down working on the new book and haven’t posted it a while. However, I was recently sent this video and decided it was too good not to share. Thanks to Mike and Barbara for the link.

Frictionless Sharing – Another Great Reason to Hate Facebook

DILBERT © 2012 Scott Adams. Used by permission of Universal Uclick. All rights reserved.

OK, I confess. I’m oblivious to the ins and outs of Facebook.  At one time I tried to fine tune my Facebook profile and author page. I read articles and blog posts, and books for dummies and idiots, but I could seldom seem to get things to work as advertised. And on those rare occasions when I finally mastered a feature, it seemed like Zuckerberg and company went out of their way to change it.

In the end, I abandoned my dream of being a Facebook power user and Continue reading

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