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What time is it?

With apologies to my many Italian friends.

4 Responses to What time is it?

  • Keith Robert Reece says:

    I Did like the book ” Deadly Straights” It was a great read and I am looking forward to reading the next book DEADLY COAST
    KIND regards

    K Reece

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Dear Keith,

      Thanks for the kind words and the support. It’s always nice to hear from Down Under!



  • Lennard ( bear ) clements cairns qld aust says:

    Bloody well done too hard to put down . Read it in two sittings, now I’ll have to get your next work. Thanks for a good couple a days regards bear

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Dear Bear,

      Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the book. I see you’re from Cairns. We stayed there a few years back to visit the Great Barrier Reef. A great place and wonderful people. We were made to feel most welcome where ever we went.

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