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Pirates and Armed Guards

There’s long been a drumbeat in the popular media asking why someone wasn’t doing something about the problem of piracy.  Now that some people ARE starting to do something, there seems to be the inevitable second guessing. “But what if they’re not pirates, but innocent fishermen?”

Here’s a clue. If they’re speeding toward your ship armed to the teeth, they’re probably pirates. If they’re running away, they’re likely fishermen.

Problem solved.

Here’s an interesting recent video from CBS News Nightline on the subject.

2 Responses to Pirates and Armed Guards

  • Tom Abbott says:

    You know Bob, ABC, CBS whatever. I am tired of the mamby pamby MSM whining about these pirates. They turn themselves towards ships to occupy them, they deserve what they get. If it takes private security, so be it. Lord knows our government isn’t doing much about the problem and there is no excuse for these dirtbags thinking that they can get away with whatever they want.
    I am sick and tired of all of the contrition expressed by some of these networks when innocent people are being captured, killed and harmed by these pirates.
    Sorry to be so vociferous about this but sometimes you just have to say what you have to say.

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Well, you read Deadly Coast so I think you can figure out how I feel about it. I don’t doubt that some among the private security forces might be overly aggressive, but their targets still have to be within range. I seriously doubt any merchant captain is changing course toward a suspected pirate vessel. In the current environment in the pirate infested areas, I think it’s a reasonable assumption that any small craft approaching a merchant ship be considered hostile until proven otherwise. These skiffs (pirate or fishermen) are much faster than most merchant ships and can easily avoid getting too close.

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