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Deadly Crossing is Available

Yes, finally! And only six short months overdue!

Yes, that’s right Dugan fans, the new Dugan thriller DEADLY CROSSING_L_Optimized Epubis now available in ebook format on the various Amazon sites as well as Barnes and Noble. It’s in process on Apple iTunes and Kobo, and should show up there in 48 to 72 hours.

Deadly Crossing on Amazon US
Deadly Crossing on Amazon UK
Deadly Crossing on Amazon Canada
Deadly Crossing on Amazon Australia

Deadly Crossing on Barnes & Noble

If you like it, reviews are always welcome. Readers and word of mouth are pretty much my only advertising, so please don’t be shy.

The paperback will follow on both Amazon and B&N in a few weeks.

17 Responses to Deadly Crossing is Available

  • Dennis Andersen says:

    Just finished Deadly Straights and thought it was fantastic! A real page turner. Reminds me of Tom Clancy’s early works. Fast paced and full of twist and sub-plots. Loved the insight to big ships and how they work. Just bought Deadly Coast and Deadly Crossing. Looking forward to staying up late reading them. Thanks for the good reads.
    Dennis Andersen

  • Catherine McDermand (Eckhardt) says:

    I don’t remember if I commented on Crossing or not. I got it just as soon as I heard that it was available. It was just as good and enjoyable as Straits and Crossing. Love your writing and am anxiously awaiting the next book. I give this one 5 stars also.

    • R.E. McDermott says:


      Thanks for the kind words, and I hope y’all had a Merry Christmas down there in Chambers County. :-)

      BTW, I don’t think you’re on my email list (at least I didn’t see your email address listed). Since you’ve liked all my stuff (to date, anyway), you might consider subscribing to my email notification list if you haven’t already done so. I use this list to let interested readers know about new books and other things of interest. I won’t spam you or share your email address with anyone. To sign up, just go to my “contact” page here on my site. Once there, just enter your email address and first name under ‘Join my mailing list’ in the right sidebar, then click, ‘Yes, sign me up.’ That’s all there is to it.

      However, whatever your decision regarding the notifications list, thanks again for your readership and do keep in touch.

      Fair Winds and Following Seas,


  • Andrew Rehder says:

    I have all 3 “Deadly” novels. Which one is first, second and third?

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Hi Andrew,

      The Dugan books are all standalone stories, but if you would like to read them in chronological order, that is:

      Book 1 is Deadly Straits
      Book 2 is Deadly Coast
      Book 3 is Deadly Crossing

      Thanks for buying by books.

      Fair Winds,


  • Just finished Deadly Straits. I know I’m behind and need to catch up. This was a very good read, fast paced with a wonderful plot. Going to start Deadly Coast next and then Deadly Crossing. That doesn’t give you very long to put out your next Tom Dugan novel. I’ll be waiting.

    • R.E. McDermott says:


      Glad you enjoyed Deadly Straits, and hope you enjoy the next two as well. Regarding the next one, I’m working on it. :)

  • Talk about a hat trick! Just finished Deadly Crossing great book. That’s three for three. Can’t wait for the next one…guess I’ll have to though.

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Glad you enjoyed all the books to date and thank you for leaving great reviews. I’m working hard on the next one. :)

  • josh beck says:

    Anyone know why crossing is not available for the nook on bn.com?

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Hey Josh,

      All my books are currently enrolled in KDP Select, which means the ebooks are exclusive to Amazon. If you will look at the previous blog post, it details what led me to that decision. Also, when Deadly Crossing was first released in March of 2014, I kept it out of Select for two months and offered it for sale on Nook, Apple, and Kobo platforms to accommodate existing fans. During that time I reached out to my mailing list to let folks know it was available on a limited time basis. I’m still a bit conflicted about going ‘exclusive’ on Amazon for the ebooks (the paperbacks are still available on B&N and elsewhere). I may change back to wider distribution at some time in the future, but I have to evaluate how that will impact my Amazon sales. Like most authors, I still sell the lion’s share of books through Amazon, and whatever I do I have to make sure that I’m optimizing my exposure there.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused and I do hope you understand.

      • josh beck says:

        No worries. This isn’t the first time it is happened. Sometimes owning a Nook is like when I owned a Beta player in 80’s. I’ll get a paperback version of the book, loved the first two books.

  • Douglas Moses says:

    Bob, I do not know how my name became associated with Kindle because I have never used anything but a Nook. When you said that you were going to Amazon while I understood your reasons, it almost broke my heart–I liked your first two books that much. Thank you for coming back to the non-Amazon side as well.

    • R.E. McDermott says:

      Sorry, your name isn’t associated with Kindle except by default. When I added the ‘Format’ field to my mailing list, I knew very few people were likely to update and also that +80% of the folks on my list read on a Kindle or Kindle app. In the future, I’m going to ask people as they join the list, but for those of you that were already there, I just auto-filled Kindle’ as the default and then hoped that people would access the short form and update/correct their preferences. That’s why I sent out the email. Also, some folks get confused when I say ‘format’ so I thought having something like ‘Kindle’ in the blank for demonstration purposes might help things a bit. So mainly it was just expedient. Hope it didn’t annoy you.



  • Anthony Hunter says:

    About a third of the way through Deadly Crossing, after having devoured the first two books in record time. I’m enjoying your novels and hope to see more of Mr. Dugan and his friends soon.

    By the way, when do we get a movie?

    • R.E. McDermott says:


      Sorry I didn’t reply MUCH sooner, but for some reason this comment just popped up on my site. Thanks for your kind words, however Hollywood hasn’t come knocking just yet.



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